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Hard to Insure or recently declined?
Life Insuranace
02 February, 2021
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Life Insurance

Hard to Insure or recently declined?

As you know life insurance is important to help your loved ones cope with the financial obligations that arise following an untimely death. You however may find that you are hard to insure or you or someone you know may have recently been declined for life insurance but that does not necessarily mean that you are uninsurable.

There are several alternative coverages that specialize in no medical insurance with many options that will fit your individual needs. By a answering a few simple questions on the application you may qualify for coverage at competitive premiums.


  • Tax-free benefit
  • Pay off debts
  • Funeral expenses
  • Estate costs
  • Living expenses

With these guaranteed issue or no medical policies you can get coverage for your temporary (Term Insurance) or long term (Permanent Insurance) needs without medical testing or doctor’s reports.

Guaranteed Issue Policies

  • No health questions
  • No medical tests
  • Limited coverage
  • Expensive

Simplified Issue

  • No medical tests
  • A few Qualifying questions
  • Limited Coverage

Who should consider Non-Medical Life Insurance?

  • If you have ever been declined for insurance that was underwritten
  • If you poor to average medical history
  • Those who not want to undergo medical underwriting requirements
  • If you require immediate coverage

Deferred Term and permanent life insurance Policies

If you have been declined in the last 2 years you will need to apply for a deferred policy. That means that you will be covered for the term that you selected however if death occurs in the first two years since the issue date you would not qualify.

Neil L.
Financial Advisor