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Life Insurance
02 February, 2021
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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for a non-resident in Canada

In Canada it is difficult to get life insurance coverage if you are not a Canadian resident or Citizen. Assumption Life however has a solution, you may be eligible to get life insurance coverage up to $500,000*.

Available Products

Non-residents are eligible to apply for five of Assumptions products. FlexTerm, FlexOptions, ParPlus, Golden Protection and Total Protection. The products can serve to cover a variety of needs for individuals and their families.

Who Can Apply?

So you are ready to apply? Assumption has certain restrictions on who can apply but below is a list of categories that are available.

  • Convention refugees
  • Caregivers or nannies
  • Immigrants with a one-year full-time work visa
  • Open work visas
  • Students
  • Physicians
  • Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed
  • Landed immigrants

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