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Why choose Empire Life for your Term Insurance coverage?

You may have already completed a life insurance needs analysis and determined how much coverage you need, but do you know how to pay for it? Your temporary needs may become permanent, but the cost of coverage may seem too high right now. So what do you do?

Empire Life has a solution that takes the worry out of having to choose which type of life insurance to apply for.

Empire Life Solution 10 & Solution 20 looks like and is priced like term life insurance, but the plans provide coverage for life.

Empire Life’s Unique features

  • Affordable guaranteed rates just like regular term life insurance
  • Step rates ‘freeze’ and remain level at certain ages automatically
  • These guaranteed rates are cheaper than any level rates today
  • Plans become paid-up at the anniversary age 100
  • Coverage increases 5%, compounded each year, starting on the anniversary age 101
  • Convertible to other permanent plans up to age 75

Ask about getting a customized life insurance quote for a Solution 10 or Solution 20.