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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is designed to protect you from the possible loss of income. Our disability insurance plans help you meet your income requirements so you can concentrate on recovering from your disability and returning to an active life. Disability insurance provides you with a source of income to replace your salary during a period of disability resulting from an accident or illness.

Coverage is available for professionals, business owners, business executives, and full-time, part-time or home-based workers. Whether you need to secure your main source of income or to supplement the coverage you receive from your employer or an association, disability plans can help by providing a comprehensive plan you can rely on throughout your working years.

Disability Insurance

Who should consider Disability Insurance?

Those who have jobs that do not provide a group insurance plan:
  • self-employed workers;
  • small-business owners;
  • employees, whether or not they are covered by the Workers' Compensation Act.