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Non Registered Investments

A non-registered plan (commonly referred to as ‘open’ or ‘investment accounts’) enables investors to invest an unlimited amount of money in funds with exposure throughout the world. Non Registered plans are not tax sheltered, the gains and losses declared for income tax purposes.

  • No contribution or withdrawal limits

  • No account fees (other than applicable sales charges)
  • Potentially higher rate of return than on your bank account, and you have access to our various investment vehicles.
  • Collateral value

To open an account, a minimum investment of $500 or a monthly Pre-Authorized Chequing Plan (PAC) of $30 is required. Subsequent lump-sum investments can be as little as $100.

  • Investors who have reached their registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) contribution limits and would like to capitalize on their investments to carry out their plans, while retaining a certain amount of control over their investments.

  • Persons wishing to obtain a source of income through a systematic withdrawal program.
  • Investors wishing to accumulate amounts in the short term (financial cushion, vacation, etc.).