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Group RRSP's

Offer your employees a Group RSP

If you are a small business owner, or work for a small business without a company pension plan, you should consider a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan. A Group RRSP benefits everybody. Without an employer offering a Group Savings Plan, many employees will delay investing for the future to meet short-term financial obligations.

  • Being able to provide an attractive, no-cost benefit to your employees giving them the tools and support they need to build the future they envision for themselves
  • Giving you a competitive edge and helping you recruit and keep top people.
  • Paying no administration or set-up fees.
  • Not worrying about time consuming paperwork—everything is done through payroll deduction.
Your Employees Benfit by:
  • Enjoying immediate tax savings, since all their savings are going straight into their RRSP before tax is deducted from their pay cheque.

  • Being able to start a disciplined savings plan, for as little as $30 a month that will help them take advantage of important investment strategies such as dollar cost averaging.

  • Enjoying enhanced interest rates and lower fees compared to an individual plan.
  • Having the flexibility to custom design their RRSPs.